The Movement Towards Independent Ownership.

DIYLender partners with high volume mortgage branch managers to develop fully operational mortgage broker business.

You handle the clients.
We handle the rest.

Why partner with DIYLender?

Partnering with DIYLender and opening your own brokerage gives you the best of both worlds. We took the perks of Retail and the freedom of a Broker and sprinkled in Independent Ownership—to create something new!

$200k in Passive Income

On average opening a brokerage with DIYLender can generate an additional $200,000 per year.

Results can vary and not guaranteed income

A network of investors provides the guideline flexibility needed to get deal funded.

Still Get the Perks Like a Retail Brokerage.





HR & Payroll


Enjoy the Freedoms of a Broker.

Tailor Made Products

Better Interest Rates

Set Your Own Margins

Choose Your Own Investors

Ownership with No P&L

The Power of a DIYLender Partnership

Best of Both Worlds

Build Your Own Brand

Benefit from Profit Sharing

Independent Ownership

You handle the clients.
We handle the rest.

What Our Partners Are Saying